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Adventurous hike from Camogli to San fruttuoso

This is my seventh post in Liguria Series. Today we move onto Camogli-San fruttuosso, a place on Riviera di Levante in Liguria,Italy. This is our third stop on ‘this’ part of Ligurian coast and just like the previous two – Cinque terre and Rapallo, we will go hiking, this time from Camogli to the Abbey of San Fruttosso. Difficulty level is gradually increasing; If we put a scale of three, Cinque terre was at level one, Rapallo to Montellegro was level two and this one was surely level three.

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Some more Chittorgarh: the last ninety minutes

Contented, I came out of the Padmini Palace. The serenity of the evening was resonating with the tranquility of my satisfied soul. There were several monuments that I wanted to explore further, but there was no rush. I had been to the famous monuments of the fort and still ninety minutes were left for the closure of fort.

On my way back from Padmini Palace, I crossed the Kalika Maa temple. This temple, built in the 8th century, was originally a Sun temple. Later, in the 14th century it was converted into a temple of Maa Kaali. Rulers of Mewar revered Maa Kaali and any battle expedition started only after taking her blessings in this temple.

Decorated camel in Chittorgarh fort
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A Rendezvous with India’s national aquatic animal- Gangetic River Dolphin.

Ever since the Gangetic Dolphin was declared the national aquatic animal of India in 2009, it was on our wishlist. Well, no one can see any wildlife of his own wish. All we can do is go to that place where the wildlife is found, take a ride, wait patiently, and pray for the best of our luck. Wildlife tourism is thus an unpredictable trip and that is its charm. You never know what you will get to see.

Gharial- pride of Chambal

Gharial- pride of Chambal

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The Legend of Maharani Padmini

I was sitting at the ruins of old Shiva temple,lost in my thoughts, contemplating on the relationship Sisodia Rajputs shared with the Mughal dynasty. Suddenly, I realized that I had been there for quite long. I had to reach Padmini Palace before five pm after which entry in that palace is not allowed. The Palace was almost one kilometer from the temple and to make up for the lost time, I had to run in between.

The Padmini Palace

The Padmini Palace

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Ten Things to do in Matheran

Disclaimer: This post excludes the following travelers:
1. Elder people- No age limit specified. Decide yourself.
2. Traveler with babies- If they find it difficult to carry babies on shoulders or in baby bags.
3. Honeymooners- I understand. It is not expected of them to pay attention anywhere else.

Well there are ten things to do in Matheran but in two different ways. I will share both ways and then we can choose.


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Raahgiri in Delhi

Dadagiri, Gandhigiri, chamchagiri; this giri clan of words has a new word added to it- RAAHGIRI.

If you come from a small town in India, like me, you must have walked on streets, run on streets and played on streets. Streets were for us, for people. Slowly and sadly, we lost our streets to motorised vehicles and lost our freedom of space to friction of rubber on tar. Day-in day-out, we step out on streets with the same fear in hearts as a deer stepping out on a tiger’s trail. So afraid that we no more dare to walk on our streets, we prefer ourselves in some motorized monster.

How lovely it would be to get that space and its soul again? How wide would be our smile when we let our children enjoy this space and squeal in delight on these streets?

Raahgiri is just doing this unthinkable task in a place where it is most improbable: in Delhi-NCR. It began from Gurgaon and soon spread to Delhi, where Connaught place, CP, is made free of any kind of vehicle, even the rickshaw, every Sunday morning, for Raahgiri.
Raahgiri is making the street available to Raahgeer!

Raahgiri at Connaught place, Delhi

Raahgiri at Connaught place, Delhi

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