Udaipur- As seen from the eyes of a seven year old

(This post was written by me in 2009, when I was seven year old)

In Udaipur, I went to Gulaab bagh. There were many flowers and trees.

There was a toy train. My Papa took me in that toy train. The toy train goes through Gulaab bagh.

The toy train

There were many animals in Gulaab bagh zoo. I saw Cheetah, Bear and Deer from the toy train.

The toy train stopped and then we walked on the acupressure road.

We went to Sukhadia circle. There we took a boat and did boating in it. There was a fountain.The water falls down from the fountain. We went near the fountain and the water fell on us. We quickly went away from the fountain. Our boating time finished and we came out.

There is also a lake Palace in Lake Pichhola. We did boating in Pichhola also.

I stayed at my grandfather’s house. The house is old. There were two terraces. We can see all the city from the upper terrace. There were monkeys on my grand father’s school. Grandfather called the monkeys to eat bread. But they did not come.

One night we went to Natraj hotel to eat dinner. There were many food items in the plate. The food was very tasty.


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