HAL Museum, Bangalore

I went to Bangalore from Delhi in Jet Airways. The weather was pleasant in Bangalore. We took an AC bus from the airport to N.A.L campus. The bus was clean and comfortable. We reached N.A.L campus at night. The campus was very big. My chacha lived on 4th floor. The trees there were very tall. The trees were going even above my chacha’s house. The market was near the campus.

HAL campus

HAL campus

One day I went to H.A.L museum by city bus. H.A.L Museum was very green. There were two buildings. We entered in the first building. There I saw a fountain. There were many flowers around it. In that building, I saw many models and pictures of various planes and helicopters made by H.A.L.

HAL museum

HAL museum


We came out of the second building. Outside there were four big planes. I walked to the top of a plane and saw the area where pilot sits. I also saw an aircraft that looked like a missile. This aircraft was a pilot-less plane. On the back side of these buildings there were old helicopters. I also saw two radars. The radars help in controlling the air traffic. There was one plane in that there were only two seats. This plane was made by N.A.L. Its name was Hansa. It is used for hobby and sport flying.



I also saw a heat shield. Heat shields are used to house satellites, which is to be launched into space orbit.

Heat Shield

Heat Shield

In 2nd building, there was a big hall. In that hall I saw a parachute. With that parachute a man was hanging wearing an oxygen mask. On the first floor of that building there was a flight simulator. There I played on computer and learned how to fly and land an aircraft.

Flight Simulation

Flight Simulation

I liked H.A.L Museum.

Then we came back by bus. There were many planes and a helicopter flying. Many military trucks were also going. I asked Papa, is it so that a war has started!

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  1. Nice simple english. Liked the photographs of the museum and amazed that you learned to fly and land an aeroplane.

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