Ten Things to do in Matheran

Disclaimer: This post excludes the following travelers:
1. Elder people- No age limit specified. Decide yourself.
2. Traveler with babies- If they find it difficult to carry babies on shoulders or in baby bags.
3. Honeymooners- I understand. It is not expected of them to pay attention anywhere else.

Well there are ten things to do in Matheran but in two different ways. I will share both ways and then we can choose.



    Style ONE:

I/we/you can do the following:

1.Wear a crisp starched cotton Saree, skirt and like, hold it up to knees to keep it away from the all pervading red earth.(Remember! elders are already excused.)
2.Wear a flowing Dupatta, voluminous Anarkali, hang a leather purse, clutch, combine it with delicate pumps or rustic kolhapuris, and then give a puzzled look at the red earth.
3.If a male, wear a button-down shirt, crisp light beige trouser, shining tan colored leather shoes and then do the same: look puzzled at the red earth.
4.Let us give the finishing touches with perfumes, lipstick and a final gloss on shoes.
5.Now that I/we/you are ready, hire a hand cart or a pony, curse the only pedestrian only hill station, take the list of viewpoints out, haggle with the cart-man or horseman about which points he would cover in a day, and mount upon.
6.Tick all the viewpoints one by one, while sipping chai at one point, cold drink at another, samosa at yet another and so on. Kindly ignore the guavas. These are calorie rich fruits, suitable only for the poor traveler on foot.
7.It is evening now. Pay the cart-man/horseman, scurry to an eatery and realize that there is not much in Matheran to do. Also realize that I/we/you have not bargained properly with the cart-man/horseman.
8.Now that I/we/you have provided more energy to body than needed, head straight to the bazar. No travel experience is complete without shopping.
9.Look for the Chapplas, camel-leather bags, sweaters, jewelries. These are the local specialty of Matheran.
10.Now Matheran seems a good place to visit. Time to go back to hotel and sleep well.



    Style TWO:

1.Wear some comfortable clothes and shoes and just wander.
2.Wander to all or any of the view points or to none, but wander.
3.Wander on the narrow-gauge railway treks.
4.Wander and stop to watch locals using catapult to chase the monkeys away.
5.Wander and find that monkeys are still there.
6.Wander and stumble upon old Villas.
7.Wander to get your shoes colored red.
8.Wander and find a Parsi Kabristan.
9.Wander and aspire that you would be as fit as the old Parsi people, walking on the Matheran mud-paths.
10.Wander, wander, and just wander. I/we/you find that Matheran is a wonderful place.



Hope You fit yourself in one of these two ways and enjoy Matheran accordingly.

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