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First things first. Why us? Is it a travel blog of many travelers? No! Us because we all in the family of four are in love with travel. All of us write travel stories except the youngest who has just started learning the alphabets.

So you will find three writers here: Manish, Jaishree, and Rachit( Junior writer). We have different perspective and style. There may be times when all of us are writing about same place, bird or tree or anything which piqued our interest as a traveler, but it will have different color.

It is never that we get bored or tired of daily life. We travel because there is a world at home and there is a world outside. To us, traveling is seeking, not escaping. Home provides us the pleasure of reading and dreaming, it gives us the strength to seek all that we read and dream. It is the axis of our life. It is the canvas and it is the color. It is the note-book and it is the pen. Travel gives us different perspectives. And together it becomes a painting, a story, a full circle.

Travel brought out our passion for almost everything Art, Architecture, History, Geography, Flora and Fauna, Cuisine, Culture and People, and what not! This fueled our desire to seek more and more which led us to many known and unknown places.

We are blessed with children who became ‘travel trained’ much before they were ‘toilet trained’. Of course it did changed the way we travel. Still we are more or less a ‘Family on Road’. Together we go far and wide, exploring the monuments and cities, hills and rivers, desert and jungles, flowers and trees, food and fairs, and everything else. So all that is written about in here; trekking, birding, treeing and all those long trips to far-flung places, have been done with two kids in tow, and they all are very much doable with kids.

Manish always chronicled our trips in his Diary and persuaded me to do the same. But I was a reluctant writer. A friend invited us to write on his blog in 2007 and then I wrote a few travel stories there. Manish wrote much more. Later on my son Rachit also pitched in at a tender age of six. A desire to have all our work at one place gave birth to this site.

So here begins another journey!

About me, Jaishree,


The day when my marital status changed from single to married, I found that my static profile changed to traveller. So now I say that I am a traveller since the day I was married to Manish. My very first trip was twenty-one days long trip which was actually my honeymoon trip. That made me discover that I too had a travel streak and it delighted Manish to no end, as he was a travel freak since childhood.

I am a mother to two lovely kids. I am fond of reading, writing, cooking, painting but not necessarily in that order. And I am a Chartered Accountant by profession.


Manish Khamesra in Switzerland

He is a doting father and an IC Chip designer, in that order and at other times he is a reader, writer, poet, husband and a movie-lover, in random order.

And for Rachit ,

He is a student of class Six and crazy about books(other than course books), video games, sports, swimming, music, mangoes, maths and cars, strictly in this order.


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