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Owned and Disowned

“Do not go to that side Madam,” the guard came running after me. Puzzled, I turned and looked at him. ‘What happened?’ ‘The owners of that side of building scold us, if students or visitors go to their side.’ ‘But where are the owners?’ wondered I. ‘They stay at the back side of this property.’ This was intriguing. No! Blasphemous, to abandon this colonial style mansion to rot and decrepit and stay at the back, choosing to ignore the grandness […]

Raahgiri in Delhi

Dadagiri, Gandhigiri, chamchagiri; this giri clan of words has a new word added to it- RAAHGIRI. If you come from a small town in India, like me, you must have walked on streets, run on streets and played on streets. Streets were for us, for people. Slowly and sadly, we lost our streets to motorised vehicles and lost our freedom of space to friction of rubber on tar. Day-in day-out, we step out on streets with the same fear in […]

Spring in the City

( If the post does not open in readable format, please increase/decrease the font size or try another browser) सुबह की सैर पर अपनी ही धुन में मगन, अपनी लय-ताल में चलते चलते, दूब पर बैठी एक महिला समूह की चर्चा कान में पड़ी- ‘ अरे, अपने पीली सारी पहनी है तो लग रहा है कि बसंत है… हमारे तो यहाँ तो सभी इस दिन पीले वस्त्र ही पहनते थे तो लगता था कि हाँ बसंत ऋतु आ गयी है….इस […]

Republic Day Parade

( This post was written by Rachit in January 2010.) Avinash uncle invited us to see the full-dress rehearsal of republic day parade. We went to Connaught place by blue line metro. At Connaught place, we changed to yellow line for the central secretariat. When we reached out of the station we saw that there was fog everywhere. Avinash uncle came by car to take us to his house. We slept there at night. I woke up early to get […]