Jageshwar Temple Complex

The Jageshwar Temple Complex

This temple complex situated around thirty kilometers from the city of Almora, sits in the lap of a narrow valley, set in an expanse of undenuded deodar forest, encompassing around one hundred and twenty four temples. The two streams of Nandini and Surabhi that flows down from Artola village meet near this sacred complex. This temple complex is guarded by giant Deodar monarchs that welcome the devotees of their isht – Mahadev – with affectionate might and majesty of their ages.


The Berry lores of Kumaon

Soon we were on a scenic road lined up with shrubs laden with a rich harvest of juicy berries, the golden Hisalu (Rubus Ellipticus), the purple Kilmoda and the red Kafals (Myrica Esculenta). Even the desire to reach Jageshwar well in time, before the downpour starts, could not stop us from taking a break here and there; accepting nature’s bounty of delicious offerings.