Queen's Bath, Hampi

Queen’s Bath, in Hampi

Its corridor is roofed with ornate walls of variegated designs; traces of elaborate stucco work is still visible on its ceilings. Once a tower adorned, one side of the pool, with delicate balconies rising above the parapet; but it is completely lost now. The pool facing balconies of this structure with arched windows and delicate plasterworks tells how beautiful this place might have been once.

Hemkuta Hills, Hampi

Hampi – The land of Shiv, Vishnu and Ramayana

Bukka replied with an awe, “So this is the land of Lord Shiva. The numerous lingas etched on the rocks and equally high number of Shiva’s shrines affirms Shiva’s association with the place”.

The sage Vidyaranya refuted him, “Don’t differentiate holy places as the land of Lord Vishnu or of Lord Shiva. This mythical landscape is imbued with the presence of many God and Goddesses. Follow me.”