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Owned and Disowned

“Do not go to that side Madam,” the guard came running after me. Puzzled, I turned and looked at him. ‘What happened?’ ‘The owners of that side of building scold us, if students or visitors go to their side.’ ‘But where are the owners?’ wondered I. ‘They stay at the back side of this property.’ This was intriguing. No! Blasphemous, to abandon this colonial style mansion to rot and decrepit and stay at the back, choosing to ignore the grandness […]

Love of Planning the Travel

As soon as I am back home after December’s long holidays, unpack job has not yet been completed, I somehow find time to go and buy New Year’s calendar. Some sunny afternoon, I sit out in balcony and take out the new calendar and my husband’s calendar of holidays and kids school diaries.Then begins a long process of identifying all the days, be it just one or two or five or ten, jotting them down to keep it safe for […]

Buddhism: Fluttering Flags and Floating Blessings

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Sikkim Diary

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Sikkim DiaryThe flags fluttered gaily, hymns written over them floated, carefully picked by the wind, the spiritual vibrations (of hymns) blended with the natural energy (of wind) touched mortal sentient, uplifted their merits and fortunes and the message of peace and happiness was delivered far and wide. Welcome to the Buddhist land of Sikkim.